Can i pay in installments?


A 20% Deposit is required on booking to secure the place.

The remaining balance for the term booked must be paid no later than one week prior to your first week of term beginning.

Between booking and the balance deadline, you can pay in as many instalments as you require. All of the accepted Payment Methods and details can be found at Those who book for the full year can also pay by Monthly Direct Debit.


Can i pay by Monthly Direct Debit?


A 20% Deposit is required on booking to secure the place.

The remaining balance for the term booked can be paid in Monthly Direct Debit. You will be offered this option at the checkout. We use a secure online direct debit service provider called Go Cardless. Once you set up your details, we will confirm how many months you wish to spread your payment across, and the first and last installment date. It’s as simple and secure as that.

Can i trial a BYT class before i book for the full term?

Our answer to this is no this is not something we offer, which to many seems unusual, surely you should want to get as many children trying BYT as possible?

That’s true, however, we believe very strongly that it is not fair to ask a child after perhaps only one hour, having walked into a new environment, with a room full of new faces, doing something they have never done before, to then know themselves if it is for them? That is just too much to ask of a 12 year old, let alone a 3 year old.

Instead, as we encourage children to face their fears and to really try something, we offer 3-week trial blocks. We know from years of experience it can take children up to 3 weeks to fully settle, to get out of their heads, to let go, to embrace the fun and the experience. For many it can also take only one week to just love being a byt. But we know from conversations with parents across the years, that if they had not pushed their child to go back after that first huge new experience on week 1, that they would have missed out on so much, and wonderful years with bright young things. So for us that is what it is all about. And if after 3 weeks a child knows its not for them, then we all know we tried and that’s the best for that child.

Trial Class Blocks are only made available after week one of a term, where we have spaces available.

Trial blocks must be taken in 3 consecutive weeks.

Trial blocks can only be booked for new bright young things who have not attended bright young things weekly classes before.

Do you offer Sibling Discount?


We offer 10% sibling discount, which is applied online at the time of booking. Please note both siblings must be booked at the same time for this to be applied.

What is your child protection policy?

Bright Young Things takes the safety, protection and wellbeing of the children in our care, incredibly seriously. All BYT Team Members are fully Access NI checked and each has gone through our internal safeguarding training.  Please see here for a link to our child protection policy.

What is your Staff to Child Ratio?

Bright Young Things prides itself on having one of the highest staff to child ratios of all summer camps in Northern Ireland.

Juniors – Minimum  of 8:1

Seniors – Minimum of 12:1

The Actor’s Studio – Minimum of 15:1

Can i go into the class with my child?

Bright Young Things operates a closed-door policy for all of its classes and workshops. What this means is that it is only the class facilitators and byt’s present. Bright Young Things has many years experience working with children from as young as 3 in our workshops and camps settings. That experience has taught us that your bright young things soars so much higher and settles so much quicker when their parent or guardian is not in the room. They quickly get swept up in the high energy and captivating activities. Our team are highly trained in techniques to help settle any child who may be shy or upset. We keep your contact details on our registration table and will always contact you should we feel that your child needs you.

Can my child attend if he/she is not toilet trained?


Our policy states that all children attending Bright Young Things classes and workshops must be fully toilet trained to join. Should you wish that your toilet trained child get help with liting onto or off of the toilet, you must give prior consent to the team in advance as part of your booking.

My Child is on the borderline of your class ages. Which class should i choose?

At Bright Young Things we offer a personalised development experience. No two children develop in the same way, no two 8 year olds are the same, and as such we offer a degree of flexibility and consultation to help you choose the best class for your child.  As standard policy, we are happy for children who will go up in age within a term to start in the next class up at the beginning of term. So for example, if your child is 5 but turns 6 in November, we would give you the option to join in Middl’uns class from the start of Autumn Term if you felt they were ready for it.  Likewise if your 10 year old would thrive better as the oldest in the class, we are happy for them to start in Middl’uns class for a few terms. Should you wish to discuss your specific query with our Creative Education Director, please email Lisa at [email protected]

My Child has additional needs and I am not sure if the camp is appropriate for them?

Bright Young Things is a very inclusive organisation and we have children with a range of additional needs, language impairments and disabilities, who attend both our weekly classes and summer camps. As every child’s needs are different, we would recommend that you contact Lisa, our Creative Education Director at [email protected] with any questions or concerns that you might have and Lisa will be in touch to discuss the suitability of them attending Bright Young Things.

How many children are in your classes?

Our maximum class size is 25. However, in many areas, we have small class sizes, or multiple classes of the one age group running to accommodate bigger numbers. We always ensure that we adopt our high staff to child ratios in all cases to ensure we can deliver upon the personalised learning approach that is required to deliver the development results we know that can be achieved.

Does Bright Young Things deliver in school workshops and afterschool clubs?


Bright Young Things Drama has a long history of working within many wonderful primary and secondary schools across Northern Ireland, both delivering in-school themed drama workshops and curriculum programmes, as well as delivering an after schools drama club. You may be a teacher or a member of the PTA, and wish to find out more, so please email in the first instance to [email protected] to find out more about how we bring the power of our unique drama programme to your school.

I cannot remember my account password to rebook my classes for the year?

That’s no problem. If you have booked before, you will have entered a username and password, but we know it is very hard to keep track of the many passwords we all have.

To log into your account as your computer/mobile may remember your password, use this link –

To reset your account password, please use this link  –

If you have any problems at all rebooking your place for the year ahead, please do contact us at [email protected]


If you have a question that is not answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email using the link below. We are always updating our Frequently Asked Questions section, so we love to get your bespoke questions that perhaps others also would like to know.

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