Last year we explored the wonderful theme of Family.  This culminated with our Open Workshops where parents, grandparents and carers inspired our byt’s by getting involved in the fun.

So what will we cover in 2018/9?

Well this year’s theme is a truly special one. It is something that is with us every day: the ones that awake when we quiet our minds to sleep & the ones that we aspire to. Have you guessed yet?

That’s right, it’s DREAMS!

So, let’s deep dive in and find out what’s inside the hearts and minds of our byts. They will be exploring big questions in their Autumn term: Can dreams come true? What do dreams mean? What do we dream of being one day? And what’s good and bad about having big dreams?

Dreamer quote

If you would like to read more around this wonderful theme and delve into our curriculum a little deeper click on the link below.

2018/9 Curriculum

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