This month we caught up with mum of 3 year old Aoife, our Belfast recipient of Jimmy’s Drama Scholarship. We wanted to know what Aoife had been up to and how she had been enjoying Bright Young Things, here’s what her mum had to say!


“Since joining Bright Young Things ?Aoife has settled better in nursery and has been more confident and is finding it a lot easier to make friends. She was quite shy and timid around her peers but that has completely changed.
Everyday she comes out of class she can’t talk about anything else apart from what she has done and spends the rest of the day singing the songs. Especially the original ‘Bright Young Things’ song, even I sing it 24/7 it is that catchy! 
A personal favourite of mine was ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear’. ?Aoife has been performing that for all of her family when we go and visit. The actions are wonderful & Aoife gets so into the part that her bear even scared me a little bit!
She has had such a great start to the classes and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the programme improves her confidence even more. I even can’t wait to get more songs stuck in my head!”
We are loving every minute of following Aoife’s BYT Journey and are delighted to hear that the skills (and songs!) she is learning are having a noticeable effect on her confidence in the classroom! Keep up the great work Aoife!
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