Read our first blog entry from BYT Magherafelt Scholar Leanne

We asked Leanne to share some of what she had been enjoying throughout her first month as Scholar at BYT and what she was looking forward to in the coming weeks. Here’s what she had to say!

On my first night at Bright Young Thing, we played lots of games to get to know each other. We played a name game. In this game, we said our name and did it with an action of our choice and everyone copied. As the game developed, we added some accents. We then did the “hypnotic hand”. In this exercise, we were partnered up with people we didn’t know and we had to follow their hand. We were then made to tell our partner two things about ourselves. After, we sat
in a circle, and our partner would have to tell the rest of the group what those two things were and, here’s the catch, they would make up a complete lie about their partner and the
group would have to guess what was the lie.

We also did some vocal exercises and played ‘Find the
Lighthouse’. There was a blindfolded boat, lighthouse, and everyone else was rocks. We began
to develop on our acting skills from Week Two onward.

For our Christmas play we are performing snips of some of the late and great Brian Friel. In my group we are doing his play ‘Lovers’. It’s really fun and an excellent experience as we
might be performing in the Brian Friel Theatre in Belfast. Can’t wait!

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