It doesn’t feel that long ago since Bright Young Things was sharing a blog post about how to entertain the kids during the long summer holidays and now all of a sudden we are writing about one of the most important and often challenging periods in any child and their parent’s life, the transition to primary school.

In fact some of the BYT team have littl’uns making this very move this September.

But this big step doesn’t have to be daunting and with the right preparation it can actually be a positive experience for all involved. As you know here at BYT we are all about building skills for life and this is one of those situations where those important skills can come in to play.

So here are a few BYT tips to help you prepare yourself and your littl’un for this big step!

  1. According to the NHS it is important to introduce your child to the idea of primary school well in advance, hopefully like us you have had the opportunity to attend a school open day so that your child can become familiar with the surroundings. If you have not why not take a drive past a few times and make the journey a familiar route.
  2. Another great way to introduce the idea of “big school” is through the use of books, there are lots of them out there, the image below shows just a few and team BYT have already been on Amazon buying their copies!
  3. Develop their independence, if you haven’t already teaching your littl’un essential skills like putting on and taking off their coat, washing their hands after the toilet and opening their lunchtime snacks will all give them a sense of independence and reduce the anxiety with having to do these things by themselves at school.
  4. Since we are a drama school after all, this tip is one of our favourites…. Why not create a school role play area! Put them in their uniform, give them their bag and have a little play of their first day at school, inject a bit of fun, play the teacher, talk about school life and routines and all the fun things school has to offer and it’s sure to take away some of those first day nerves.
  5. Speaking of first day nerves, on the big day itself, both you and your littl’un are bound to have a few butterflies. In order to help with the drop off, speak to the teacher to show your child that you know and trust them, say goodbye ( don’t be tempted to disappear when they aren’t looking)and then leave promptly if you can, reassuring them you will be back soon.
  6. And finally, after you have counted down the clock to pick up time, arrive early so they aren’t searching out for your face and not able to see it when the door opens, maybe even bring a little snack or treat in case they were too nervous to eat lunch, and definitely a drink. And when you get home give them some snuggle time with you, let them tell you about their day if they want but don’t push them, you have all year to hear about their escapades!

We hope some of these tips help, we will be with you all sharing the nerves but we also know this is such a positive step for our children on their journey to independence.

In our next blog post we will talk about the transition to secondary school for our BYT big’uns….stay tuned!

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