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September can be a stressful time of year, with the back-to-school madness affecting both children and parents. Whether they are starting a new school or not, the end of summer can bring many pressures with it, especially as the whole family is usually out of a routine. Children have to re-adjust to early starts and busy days, while parents focus on supporting their child’s schooling, and balancing after-school activities with financial realities. It really can take weeks before everyone begins to feel settled and get to grips with the school-year schedule.

At BYT, we want to make the transition from the schedule-free summer days to the jam-packed school season as easy as possible. We provide parents with a hassle-free after-school class that will help their kids build upon a range of soft skills. The classes help the children develop self-confidence, manage stress or anxiety and make new friends  – all through the power of drama!

This handy guide outlines our top tips to help families survive the craziness of September, making it as stress and hassle-free as possible.

Be Positive & Stay Calm

The end of the summer holidays can be a tricky time for many parents. However, it’s super important that you are positive and remain calm. Managing this time of year can prove tricky, but it is possible! One of the first things children pick up on is stress. If you are stressed, your kids may become stressed, and that certainly won’t make the situation any easier.

You may find that your child will take a while to settle in school and might feel anxious and stressed for the first while – this is normal. You should help them see the positives of being back at school. For example, explaining that the return to school will mean seeing their friends every day and returning to their favourite classes will help. It’s all about changing their way of thinking.

If you think that your child is feeling anxious about the new school year, it is essential to help them manage it. At BYT, we believe it is vital to introduce breathing exercises from a young age as this will help them get their breathing under control on and off the stage. Read our previous blog to find out more about how BYT address anxiety in children and how we help to manage it. 

Get Into A Routine

When those carefree summer days end, it brings the opportunity for everyone to settle back into a routine. This helps children (and adults!) to feel that their lives are more structured, helping them save time and mental energy.

They may need to get into a new morning routine which can be difficult, especially for older children who have enjoyed plenty of lie-ins over the summer! Give them a simple, well-defined routine to follow each morning, and it won’t be long until they are settled and ready for the day ahead.

As well as ensuring they have a structured morning, homework and bedtime routine; it is essential to add other activities into their schedule. Taking part in after-school activities such as drama or sports can be extremely beneficial for children as these classes can develop social skills.

We believe drama should be a key part of your child’s routine as it helps develop critical skills such as comprehension and presentation. Take a look at our previous blog for more information about the benefits of drama for young children. This Autumn, BYT has numerous weekly classes on offer for children aged from 3 to 15 . The classes are an opportunity to build confidence, develop social skills and most importantly, have fun!

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

While this may be easier said than done, especially for a busy parent, it is essential to try and plan. Whether it’s prepping school lunches or organising after-school activities, planning is a sure-fire way to reduce stress levels.

We know that this time of year can have a lot of outgoings and so, we’ve made sure that signing your child up to BYT is as stress-free as possible. You have the option to pay for our classes in 3 different ways – in full, in instalments or by Direct Debit. Choose the best option for you and book your child’s space in BYT this Autumn; you will have after school activities sorted right up until December 14th!

Our Autumn term classes begin on the September 9th across Northern Ireland, with classes split into three different age groups – Littl’uns (aged 3 to 5), Middl’uns (aged 6 to 9) and Big’uns (aged 10 to 15). We are also delighted that our first-ever weekly Actor’s Studio will kick off this month! For more information about our classes, how to sign up and our options for young people, click here

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