Bright Young Things Child Protection Policy

BYT are committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people, and recognise our responsibility to take all reasonable steps to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation. BYT believe that the welfare of the child is paramount, and that all children without exception have the right to protection from abuse.

All members of the BYT team must adhere to the BYT Code of Conduct:

Set a good example by using appropriate language, attitude and demeanour at all times
Wear BYT branded clothing
Stop or cancel activities if conditions are unsafe or unreasonable demands are being made
Agree on appropriate discussion topics and exit strategies in advance if an activity has a particularly sensitive or emotional content.
Keep physical contact to an appropriate level-due to the nature of the activities in our drama workshops, physical contact is often involved at a suitable level.

Hit or physically assault or abuse children
Show favouritism towards a child

Promise to keep secrets
Embarrass, ignore or single out a child
Allow or engage in inappropriate touching
Allow children to engage in abusive peer activities, e.g. bullying, mocking
Arrange meetings with children outside organised activities without the prior consent of parents and BYT
Smoke, use inappropriate language or have conversations of an adult nature

Access NI:
All employees of Bright Young Things who are interacting with children have an Access NI certification clearance check.

Training on child protection forms part of the company induction programme for all team members, and will be updated on an annual basis, or as updates are required.

Whilst training, facilitators and volunteers will not be left alone with children

Use of photographic/filming equipment:
BYT will have a consent form filled out during registration from all members. All consent forms are stored in line with data protection legislation.
All parents have the right to request to opt out of this. BYT will make all staff aware of any children who are not permitted to be filmed or photographed.

Toileting Procedures:

  • It is BYT policy that those in the Littl’uns group (age 3-5 years) will be accompanied to the toilet by a facilitator who will wait outside and assist with
    operational functions if necessary.
  • The child is expected to be capable of carrying out all tasks of a personal nature and the facilitator will not assist the child in anyway unless deemed
    absolutely necessary.
  • BYT must insist that their pupils are fully toilet trained before registering for our drama workshops
  • Those in the Middl’uns and Big’uns group will go to the toilet unaccompanied.
    Reporting Systems

BYT recognises the importance of responding to, reporting and recording all concerns, allegations and disclosures by following the correct reporting processes.

Within BYT, The Designated Safeguarding Officer is Lisa Duffy who can be contacted on 07793683456.
Their role is to:
Be the first-person facilitators, volunteers or members of the public approach with concerns. Ensure that safeguarding policy and procedures are being implemented and contact statutory organisations if necessary


While at BYT all children are our complete responsibility. A trained “head count” system is always in operation in each class to assure that all children are accounted for at all
times. Recommended headcount, every 10 minutes.

Home-time Procedure:

If a parent/guardian is unable to collect their child from a workshop, they must notify the facilitator in advance, providing the name and contact number of the new collector.


If an incident of any kind occurs, that should be reported to a parent, an incident report form is completed. The lead facilitator will advise the parent of the incident at the end of the class and get the form signed. The signed form will be filled at BYT HQ.


If an accident of any kind occurs, that should be reported to a parent, an accident report form will be completed. The lead facilitator will advise the parent of
the accident at the end of the class and get the form signed. The signed form will be filed into the class forms folder and sent back to BYT HQ.

Medication Administered:
If for whatever reason, authorised medication needs to be administered within a class,a medication form will be completed and the parent or guardian will be advises that medication has
been administered at the end of the class and get the form signed. The signed form will be filed into the class forms folder and sent back to BYT HQ.

The safety and protection of children whilst at BYT is paramount and our team are committed to safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. We recruit a suitably trained and experienced individuals and aim to provide a secure and safe environment.

What constitutes as a child protection concern?

  • Unsettling remarks made by a child
  • Concern about the inappropriate behaviour of a worker such negligence or favouritism
  • Disclosures of information regarding abuse/harm of any kind

Responding to concerns

All concerns will be recorded and passed on to the Designated Officer no matter how insignificant it may appear.

In the case of a child disclosing abuse, BYT team members will:

  • Report concern to designated Safeguarding Officer
  • Complete a report form leaving one with the Designated Officer and retain one. Both will be held confidentially

In the case of an allegation made against a BYT team member:

  • Any team member against whom an allegation is made will be suspended for the duration of their contract or until the investigation is complete.

BYT will keep detailed records of all reported incidents, allegations or concerns and will comply with requirements to supply information under data protection legislation
Communication of the Policy

BYT is committed to promoting good practice so therefore communicates its policy publicly and honestly online and sends its literature and guidelines to host schools, organisations, parents and guardians to highlight reporting and complaints procedures.








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