Drama is a powerful and effective tool for encouraging people to examine their own behaviour and acts as a catalyst for promoting personal development and positive change. This is even more effective when instilled from the formative early years.

Bright Young Things has significant experience working with schools, education bodies, community groups, charities and business organisations, helping them to achieve their personal development goals in line with developmental, curriculum or organisational goals.

We help children, young people, teachers and professionals to step out of their comfort zones, to have personal breakthroughs in confidence and self-belief, in how they communicate and present themselves, how they work in groups and handle conflict, develop techniques to help resilience and wellbeing.

Each organisation is different, therefore every BYT Drama Programme and Workshop is personal to you and your needs.



BYT quoted and won the contract to deliver the following
• 5.5 hours on Saturday 29 February 2020 at St Benedict’s College Randalstown
• With 17 year 8 & 9 students (some with special educational needs – bearing in mind these students are from a mainstream school. Therefore, they are high functioning)
• 10 Adults
• Exploring identity, culture, tradition etc (this was a cross community project)
• Creating a short performance that could be done at the end of the workshop
The three schools taking part in this partnership were Antrim Grammar School, Parkhall Integrated College and St Benedict’s College.
Two members of staff from BYT facilitated the workshop. They were well prepared for the session and very professional. They introduced themselves and laid out the
concepts and timetable for the day clearly for the whole group. They conducted team building exercises to engage the young people and adults across the age groups and school communities, these enabled the group to mix and co-operate during the workshop and at the refreshment breaks.
The two facilitators managed the group very well particularly given the different age groups and abilities. One child had a particularly difficult moment and that was dealt with sensitively whilst ensuring the rest of the group remained engaged and focussed on the task. The content was appropriate whilst still challenging perceptions. The workshop enabled all the members to engage fully in the
discussions and voice their opinions. The facilitators were able to read the room well ensuring everyone got a fair chance at participating, kerbing the more enthusiast young people whilst encouraging the quieter young people and adults to
participate ensuring everyone felt validated and heard.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bright Young Things. If I can provide additional information to support this letter of reference, please feel free to contact
me at 07769821585 or [email protected]
Kind regards




Bright Young Things works in schools to develop vital social skills and wider soft skills, to boost achievement, improve speaking & listening skills and build confidence and self-esteem through the power of drama. Promoting personal development and supporting essential employability skills is essential for every child, however not all schools and organisations have the time, resources or expertise to deliver this.  Bright Young Things can deliver structured drama curriculum products and support toolkits or design a series of age-appropriate school workshops for primary and post-primary schools delivered by our specialist time of educators and drama facilitators. In-school classes, curriculum products, afterschool programmes and teacher training can be developed.


Bright Young Things delivers bespoke in-house drama programme for creches, nurseries and preschools, delivering our unique, age-differentiated drama classes to build each child’s confidence, to develop communication and social skills and to ignite their creativity. Sessions can be developed to reinforce or teach important skills or messages such as basic social and discipline skills, igniting a creative mind, or learning through drama how to cross the road using the Green Cross Code, or how to prepare children about and explore their world; starting big school, going to the dentist or looking after a new baby brother or sister. All nurseries who book with Bright Young Things do so because our classes develop fundamental skills such as communication, cooperation, confidence and concentration, and because they are lots of fun!

Bright Young Things can visit settings weekly, once a month or every half-term, and some just once in a while; to help celebrate Christmas or World Book Day for example. We are very flexible to discuss your specific requirements.


Creative arts and drama techniques can have a life-changing impact on those children and young children with additional needs helping them communicate, build confidence and self-expression and encourage and develop their creative minds.  All Bright Young Things classes are inclusive with a range of mixed abilities in most after schools workshops running, however specific bespoke programmes and classes can be developed for SEN specific needs and development priorities. Sensory journeys, music and song, acting, story and movement are all powerful vehicles for communication and development and form a key part of all Bright Young Things SEN programmes. BYT’s highly skilled team of facilitators have extensive experience in teaching drama to children with a wide range of additional needs.


Drama is a proven and powerful vehicle to support young people at risk, raising aspirations, building self-esteem and working through challenging personal issues and conflict resolution. Bright Young Things offers a range of bespoke workshop programmes tailored to the needs of the organisation, designed to develop self-expression, confidence, communication, and creativity, introducing skills to support working effectively in groups and teamwork, through a variety of fun, engaging, energetic drama activities.

Bright Young Things can develop one-off workshops or work as a strategic partner to bodies wishing to develop a more strategic framework and programme.


At Bright Young Things we are passionate about unlocking every person’s full potential, giving them the toolbox of techniques and methods to help them in every aspect of their life. Bright Young Things uses fun, impactful drama techniques and principals to develop people and teams, by doing and showing rather than telling.

You won’t find a powerpoint or a desk in our workshops, rather your team will get out of their heads, lose their inhibitions and step out of their comfort zones.  Using our unique approach to team development we will help to develop your team’s Confidence, Communication and Presentation Skills and inject some invaluable creative thinking into your organisation.

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