Bright Young Things inset and CPD workshops have been developed to provide a set of skills, best practices and resources which help teachers to use drama techniques to inspire a more creative and effective approach to teaching across the curriculum. All of our teacher training is designed to target and nurture teachers’ personal wellbeing and help them to influence and engage more effectively with their classes.


At Bright Young Things we are passionate about unlocking every person’s full potential, giving them the toolbox of techniques and methods to help them in every aspect of their life, but particularly in the classroom.

Bright Young Things uses fun, impactful drama techniques and principals to develop people and teams, by doing and showing rather than telling.

You won’t find a powerpoint or a desk in our workshops, rather your team will get out of their heads, lose their inhibitions and step out of their comfort zones. Using our unique approach to team development we will help tackle the topic at hand, whether that be classroom presence, building resilience, managing a challenging classroom, managing stress or using drama to bring your curriculum to life. All of our programmes will help to develop your team’s Confidence, Communication and Presentation Skills and inject some invaluable creative thinking into your school.


Classroom Presence
Self-awareness is the key to confidence. Understand what your body, voice, and words are giving off in order to present your best self.

The Mindful Teacher = The Mindful Classroom
Realistic self-care and well-being techniques for busy teachers through creativity and fun.

Creative lesson planning and structure
Just like a story, every lesson should have a beginning, a middle and an end; and the ones with a bit of drama are always the page turners! Learn how to give your lesson plans the creative arc that will leave your students enthralled.

Use of drama for soft skills
Given 85% of the careers available in 2030 currently do not exist, the most powerful tools we can equip todays’ children with are transferable, dynamic soft skills. Learn how to use drama through all teaching to develop confidence, communication, resilience and empathy in the classroom for both the teacher and pupils.

Talk Less. Do more – How to use drama across the curriculum in order to make lessons memorable, tangible and inclusive of all learners.

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