3-8 Year Olds

15-17th April

9:30 – 12:30pm


Pirates and  Mermaids, Superheroes and  super villains, Wizards and Witches,  Princes and  Princess;  dancing and diving our way through adventures, the junior summer camp will explore the goodies and the baddies of some of  our favourite stories and some brand new ones we will create together!

Bring imaginations to life and set their confidence alight for a few magical days of their school holidays as they experience the joy and fun of bright young things drama camp.


Juniors will experience immersive storytelling, character creation, drama and confidence games, song, music, dance, mini-plays, puppetry and costume craft. 


This is one that boys and girls alike will be itching to get back to each morning! 


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8-14 Year Olds

15-17th April

1 – 5:30pm


Who doesn’t love creating your own TikTok, building your own YouTube sensation or making your own play?

This summer, our seniors, with the expertise of our professional artists, will work in teams, duets and individually to devise some of the funniest, most dramatic and most addictive new works of art ever!

Seniors will also enjoy a week of improvisation, script writing, debate, character development, physical theatre, music, dance all enjoyed with a huge amount of fun and laughter.

Learn about acting from the professionals. Meet new friends who like the same thing you do. Devise, develop and perform. All this and more in a few unforgettable days at the BYT Drama summer scheme!


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Need to get to work? Don’t  worry, Juniors can be left from 8:30am for just £3 for the hour. 

Seniors need to arrive  before 1pm? No problem, Seniors can beleft any time throughout the morning to join us as helpers for £3 per hour.  

Just be sure to comment  in your booking!

Here are a few images from recent Bright Young Things Drama holiday camps. Look like fun? Then join us for another incredible holiday drama camp, in 2020!

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