Christmas is coming and 2020 follows, so naturally, we’re thinking gifts on the one hand and new year’s resolutions on the other. Children will be inundated with various pieces of plastic, featuring noises and batteries that encourage screen time and extended periods sitting and staring. For the adults, it’s a time to make resolutions; ‘less binge-watching, more gym-going’ being a popular choice.

So, how can we strike a balance that will encourage creativity amongst children, not just during the break, but into the new year and beyond?

And Relax.

Let’s be very clear; everyone needs and deserves a break during the holidays. Time spent with feet up and eating questionable amounts of treats can be a more than welcome break for everyone. It’s great for all involved, especially teens needing some time away from the classroom or exams.

The time away from school should be an opportunity to refresh and prepare for the year ahead. Some things, like early-mornings, can be put on hold, but it’s important to enjoy a stimulating holiday season. 

The festive season is a great time to spend rare quality time with siblings and cousins and with longer downtimes spent at home. Use the time off to get imaginative; create songs together, enjoy puppet shows behind the sofa, host talent contests home. Mostly, the holidays are a time to embrace the time together, bonding with family, good times alone with your imagination. 

Our Festive Recommendations. 

If you’re trying to break up the time off and avoid dreaded boredom setting in, plan a few outings around Christmas. While the sales are tempting, many parents will be all shopped out come the end of December. So, what can you do to help your children stay active during the school holidays?

Well, if you’re in Belfast, consider a visit to some of the upcoming Christmas shows hosted at The MAC, Lyric Theatre or the Grand Opera House. All three venues will host Christmas performances that promise laughs for the whole family and is an excellent way of introducing young ones to the theatre.

 The MAC will be showing the holiday’s classic a Christmas Carol, promising ‘toe-tapping tunes and laugh out loud capers’. The show is suitable for all ages, but the Belfast venue adds that children over five years old will get the most from the show. 

Across town at south Belfast’s Lyric or Neverland as it will be known, Peter Pan will be taking on pirates joined by Wendy, Jon and Michael. Family tickets are available for this extravaganza which features crocodiles, flying children, and mermaids. 

Continuing the theme of classic shows, the Grand Opera House will host Beauty and the Beast this year from the 30th of November to the 12th of January. May McFetridge celebrates 30-years as the ‘Queen of Belfast Pantomime’ and will be joined onstage by Ben Richards and Mandy Muden of Britain’s Got Talent Fame. 

We may be slightly biased at BYT, but an early introduction to the stage can have a massive impact on your child’s life. To continue the magic into the new year and beyond, you could introduce drama to your child’s school.

A new year’s hobby for your children

The new year is a great jumping-off point to inject drama classes into your school. At BYT, we work very closely with schools to help bring drama into the classroom and make it part of afterschool programmes. This means no taxis or pickups to go to another location plus your child can attend drama class with their classmates, making the transition seamless. The simplicity of after school drama makes it accessible, but more importantly, the classes are hugely beneficial to students. 

Drama aides the development of social skills, critical thinking and confidence. To learn more about how drama can prepare young people for life, click here. BYT already work in schools across Northern Ireland helping young people to access the theatre and the benefits that come with it. 

To learn more about how you can help us deliver affordable drama classes to schools in 2020, contact us now. Send an email with the name of your children’s school, and we will be in touch.  

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