Firstly and most importantly, happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas break with your loved ones and are ready to kick off 2020!

The start of the new year always brings with it new resolutions and promises to make a positive change in your family’s life. It’s also a great time to consider introducing a new hobby into your young one’s life! 

Hobbies give children a fantastic opportunity to express themselves while doing something they really enjoy, as well as helping them discover what they really like and building their self-esteem. Focusing their energy on activities they enjoy teaches them how to set and achieve goals, make decisions and solve problems. It may also influence their job choice in later life as childhood hobbies often become lifelong interests and careers! 

Why not give your child the experience of  Bright Young Things this January by signing up to our Winter Term weekly class! The class, kicking off on Mon 6th January, will provide them with an amazing opportunity to be brave in a new setting, learn new  skills and grow as a person. Here are some reasons why your child should experience BYT this year! 

Learn New Skills

One of the great things about drama is that it will help your child learn and develop their soft skills. These skills are given little attention in a  school setting, making it even more important to invest in new hobbies that will give your child this opportunity to grow. 

We know that drama really does support children’s problem-solving skills, as well as helping them understand how they can resolve issues. During our classes, we create a deeper experience for your young  one, allowing them to think, question, respond and explain how they are feeling in different situations. 

Make New Friends

At BYT, we are passionate about our children developing strong friendships and building support networks with one another. We love that our bright young things have the unique opportunity to spend time with like-minded children in an uplifting and supportive environment where they can laugh, learn and grow together every week.

Build Their Confidence

So many young children experience shyness, particularly as they are finding their feet and  transition through new stages of their life. That’s why it’s important to help them build their confidence and self-esteem from a young age. Drama is a fantastic way to do this as they are given the opportunity to explore their personality and unlock their full potential!

And if  you need one more reason …

It’s  Showterm – Heroes & Villians!  

From January to April we will be creating, rehearsing and performing 3 magical shows for our Littl’uns, Middl’uns  and Big’uns. BYT is unique in NI in that we don’t audition and we don’t have lead parts! Our showcases are about collaboration and the power of  the team! Everyone has equal contribution on and off stage. If acting is not your thing, you can direct or stage manage. If you love script writing or dance  routines, then we will build on those strengths. 

Our Littl’uns will be Going on a Bear Hunt! Our Middl’uns will be faced with My Teacher is a Troll and the Big’uns, well they are off for some  madness at St Trinians! 

At Bright Young Things, we work closely with your children to guide them through their personal journey and help gently build their confidence. And in our experience, it doesn’t take long before they are confident enough to take actively take part in our classes! It really is amazing to see the power of drama and how our byts become confident enough to spend independently, express their opinions and take part in shows! 

To learn more about how your child can join BYT this January and create new experiences that will help shape their future, contact us today. For more information about our classes, how to sign up and our options for young people, click here

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