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School’s Out for Summer!

School is officially out for Summer. For some of us, the kids and teachers, that is the BEST NEWS EVER. But for some parents it can mean headaches with childcare and time to get the thinking caps on.  Just how do we entertain these small people for 8 whole weeks? The...

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Daily drama for creative director Lisa

THIS week's My Kind of Job is Lisa Duffy What's your job? Founder and creative director of Bright Young Things Drama How did you get there? I was working as an actor and latterly a primary school teacher in London from 2003 until 2010 and was increasingly affirmed of...

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Jimmy Nesbitt Creativity Award launched as part of Bright Young Things biggest ever summer programme As part of our biggest ever summer programme, we are giving pupils attending the inaugural BYT Actor’s Studio the chance to win a day on set with our much loved...

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BIGGEST EVER SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMME LAUNCHED FOR NI’S BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS Six new locations for Summer 2018 and launch of the BYT Actor’s Studio, Professional acting camp for ages 12-18 Northern Ireland’s leading children’s drama company, Bright Young Things, has...

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3 Day Camp
When: Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th Feb 2019
Where: Methodist College Belfast
On Sale Now

5 Day Camp
When: Monday 22nd – Friday 26th April 2019
Where: Methodist College Belfast
On Sale Now

5 Day Camps
When: From 1st July To 9th August 2019
Where: 14 Locations Across N.Ireland
On Sale Late December.

BYT Juniors: 9.30am-12.30pm per day
BYT Seniors: 9.30am-2.30pm per day
The BYT Actor's Studio: 10.00am-4.00pm per day

!! 20% deposit now secures a place at any of our 2019 camps !!

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To all our Bright Young Things

Remember, this is the last week of Autumn Term for Bright Young Things, with all classes finishing this week (with the exception of Magherafelt, you have 1 more on Wednesday 19th!). We want to see as many christmas jumpers as we possibly can ⛄️🎅🎄

BYT Winter Term (Show Term) starts back from 8th January, with all the term dates attached below.

To secure your place for next term, just visit or message us below with any questions!


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This time two weeks there will be alot of very very excited Bright Young Things across the country 😬, us included - the most magical night of the year!

Before we all go a little bit mad with making everything just perfect, remember that most of all they want you and your time!

Get on the floor, is something you will always hear at a Bright Young Things training. Getting on the floor and playing with children at their level, and being as silly as you can possibly be, ignites an excitement in children that you would not believe.

So while we all approach the last crazy run up to Christmas, let's just think do they really need or want it - Will we do Presents or Presence?

It's priceless to give them your time, your time being the silliest childlike version of yourself you can find, saying yes to ‘will you play a board game with me’, or ‘will you help me make christmas cards’ (and make a total mess at the same time 🤪).

When you hear the squeals of laughter and see the wonderment in their eyes at their amazing big people having the best time with them, you will maybe take one item out of that online shopping cart and make a silent promise to just give them more of you.

Presence vs Presents

#presenceoverpresents #besilly #findyourinnerchild #getonthefloorandplay #playthatboardgame

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1 week ago

Bright Young Things Drama

This week we have been immersing ourselves in the characters and stories within Lewis Carroll’s wonderful Alice in Wonderland as we begin our creative journey ahead of winter show term 🙌.

Such wonderful scenes and memorable quotes that everyone has been enjoying exploring.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Alice in Wonderland

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2 weeks ago

Bright Young Things Drama


And it's our much-loved SHOW TERM!


Winter term is perhaps one of the most exciting terms of the Bright Young Things year, as it is the term that our wonderful byts build, create and work towards a public showcase.

We will step on stage to perform for you in some wonderful local venues that will be a memorable experience for you and your bright young thing(s).

Our drama theme across 201819 has been the powerful thought of dreams.

Dreams are something that are with us every day: the ones that awake when we quiet our minds to sleep & the ones that we aspire to.

Our stimulus for show term is Alice in Wonderland and we will develop for our showcase performances our very own stage adaptations of Alice and the world of dreams, delivered in our own unique BYT style.

To find out more about when and where our classes are held and to reserve a place, just visit

A 20% deposit now holds your place with balance only due on the week classes begin. We also offer a 10% Sibling Discount.

Want to be a bright young thing? Nows the perfect time to join us 🤗

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Dreams, goals and aspirations. After this week’s class our Big’uns said, ‘having a time and a place to talk about our dreams, and hopes is one of the best workshops we have ever had’.

The Big’uns started with a private written task to draw their dreams for the future. Then they explored the obstacle to each of their dreams.

After this we dramatised each of their scenarios.

Such an fantastic group of young adults! The future is very very bright 🙌

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With only 3 more weeks untill the end of term, our bright young things just cannot help themselves and are already dipping into preparation for Winter term shows 😬.

So exciting!

Want to get a sneak peak of what our stage adaptations 2019 will be based on......

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We are often asked if a child can try a one-off BYT class to see if they like it before their parent commits to registering for a full term.

Our answer to this is no this is not something we offer, which to many seems unusual, surely you should want to get as many children trying BYT as possible?

That's true, however, we believe very strongly that it is not fair to ask a child after perhaps only one hour, having walked into a new environment, with a room full of new faces, doing something they have never done before, to then know themselves if it is for them? That is just too much to ask of a 12 year old, let alone a 3 year old.

Instead, as we encourage children to face their fears and to really try something, we offer 3-week trial blocks. We know from years of experience it can take children up to 3 weeks to fully settle, to get out of their heads, to let go, to embrace the fun and the experience. For many it can also take only one week to just love being a byt. But we know from conversations with parents across the years, that if they had not pushed their child to go back after that first huge new experience on week 1, that they would have missed out on so much, and wonderful years with bright young things. So for us that is what it is all about. And if after 3 weeks a child knows its not for them, then we all know we tried and that's the best for that child.

If you or someone you know is considering joining Bright Young Things in Winter Term (January) and would like to trial for a few classes first, now is the time. Where we have spaces we open up trial block spots, so click on the link below to find out more about booking a 3 week trial.

We offer trial classes again about 2 weeks into winter term in January, where we have spaces available. So if you do want to start Winter Term on week 1 in a specific class, now is the time to trial our classes.

Any questions at all, please get in touch!

Team BYT x

Please note t&c’s apply to booking of trial blocks, details of which can be found on the website and below:

* Please note trial blocks are currently only available to use in Autumn Term. We encourage anyone considering booking for Winter Term who wishes to try a class before they book, to book a trial block for use in the next 4 weeks of Autumn Term.
* Winter term trial blocks will only be added after term begins for classes where there are spaces available.
* Trial blocks must be taken in 3 consecutive weeks.
* Trial blocks can only be booked for new bright young things who have not attended bright young things weekly classes before

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4 weeks ago

Bright Young Things Drama

Ah, this had made us laugh so much, the wonderful little Crazy Daisy is such a character! Turn the sound on for this one ☝️

We do love and encourage lots of pretend play and improvisation 🙌 and we bet you all know a few Littl’uns just like Crazy Daisy 😂.
Dublin 3-year-old Daisy is a future Oscar winner with her improvised phone chat

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1 month ago

Bright Young Things Drama

We love this so much 😍.

Learning how to greet someone is such an important social skill for children to learn from an early age, and look how much warmth and kindness they are bringing into their day 🙌

Bravo Londonderry Primary School 🤗

Londonderry Primary School
The new P1 greeting system remains VERY popular. We introduced our P1 greeter this morning 🤗🌟

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