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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have lots of questions about our parties service. To help we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions to start with, and if you have any other questions, please just drop us an email at [email protected]

Can i pay in installments?


A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking which is banked and deducted from the total price of the party. This can be paid once your invoice is issued via BACS transfer or Direct Online Payment.

The party balance must be paid one week before the date of the party booking. Our team are not insured to carry cash so unfortunately cannot accept cash payments on the day of the party.

Between booking and the balance deadline, you can pay in as many installments as you require. All of the accepted Payment Methods and details can be found at


Do i need to pay a deposit to book a party?


A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking which is banked and deducted from the total price of the party.

£25 of the deposit is non-returnable should you cancel the party at any time. Any remainder of the deposit will be returned to you should the cancellation be made 4 weeks or more before the date of the party. Cancellations after this time will forfeit the full deposit. We will of course work with you where possible to secure an alternative date should you wish.

Can you book a venue for my party?

Right now we are just offering a party entertainer service.

We are currently working to secure a range of partner venues so that in time we can also offer a perfect venue to complement our wonderful Bright Young Parties.  We will update the website with this information. Please note that all venue costs will be in addition to the package charges currently quoted on the website.

Our parties just require a wide open space so that we can get really active, so we would recommend community centres, church halls, or if you have space at home even better.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all relating to your party venue.

Do you provide children's party services for Weddings?


We provide parties for any occasion, just as long as there are children involved we want to be there!

With any special occasion like a wedding, we are more than keen to have a chat about how we can personalise your children’s wedding party to the children attending to ensure they are enthralled and entertained while you and your guests enjoy your special day.

Do you provide invitations for your themes?

Yes we can provide this for you at an additional cost.

We have a set of 9 invitation templates linked to our themes

We can provide non personalised empty belly invitations

We can also provide personalised versions of these templates with your child’s name, age and photo on it.

This service will require a one week turn around time to have invites printed and posted to you.

My child has additional needs and I am not sure if one of your parties is appropriate for them?

Bright Young Things and Bright Young Parties are both very inclusive organisations and we have children with a range of additional needs, language impairments and disabilities, who attend both our weekly classes. summer camps and attend our parties. We would love to explore the most suitable party design for your child to ensure they have the most magical time possible.

As with all of our parties, our conditions of service require a certain proportion of adults in the room along with our party entertainer. Where children have additional needs this ratio would need to be reduced. Please read our terms and conditions carefully to consider, which you can read here.

As every child’s needs are different, we would recommend that you contact Lisa, our Creative Director at [email protected] with any questions or concerns that you might have to ensure that you can have the very best Bright Young Party for your child.

What is your child protection policy?

Bright Young Things takes the safety, protection and wellbeing of the children in our care, incredibly seriously.

All Bright Young Party Characters are fully Access NI checked and each has gone through our internal safeguarding training.  Please see here for a link to our child protection policy.

What is your Staff to Child Ratio?

Our bronze and silver party packages include one facilitator. This is with the assumption that there will be adults present at the party.

Our maximum ratio for parties is 1 facilitator to 20 children when adults are present, to ensure that adults can perform toileting duties etc, this is also to ensure that we can adhere strictly to our child safeguarding policy.

Should your party not plan to have additional adults present, our ratios are as follows:

Children up to age 5 – Minimum  of 8:1

Children from 6-9 – Minimum of 12:1

Children 10+  – Minimum of 15:1

Do you only provide parties in Northern Ireland?

No, we service the Island of Ireland and have a team of highly experienced party facilitators based around Ireland.

Please just get in touch if wishing to book a party in the south of Ireland and pricing versus the sterling prices quoted on the website, will vary.

Can you arrange the food and the cake?

No, at this point this is not a service we can arrange for you.

If in time there is enough demand for a full party service we will consider this. For now, we will be compiling a list of our preferred suppliers who we know will complement our bright young parties perfectly and will deliver in a very reliable way.

This list will be published on the website, and before then please don’t hesitate to ask for our recommendations.

Have we missed something?


Any questions unanswered please just drop us an email on [email protected]

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