There’s no better time than January to take a step back and evaluate what gives you the most enjoyment in life and what you aim to achieve throughout the coming year! This most definitely goes for adults…and children!

The Huffington Post UK conducted a recent study with esteemed psychologists and parenting forum editors exploring exciting resolutions and traditions parents can start with their kids in the New Year.

The experts maintained that an important aspect getting the year off to the best start possible is to focus on positivity everyday. They suggest that a good tradition to get into with children is to check-in about what they enjoyed about their day.

Dr Danielle Jackson, chartered clinical psychologist suggests, “If the child struggles to think about this, it might be helpful for the parent to help them think this through, perhaps by re-framing a situation that the child thought went badly.”

Dr Jackson reiterates that the benefit of instilling positivity in children is that they will begin to develop a “strong self-concept”, something we focus on as one of our chief priorities at BYT.

At the end of our sessions at BYT, we like to hold a quick round of ‘Two Stars and a Wish’. Here our byts (and our staff in their post-class evaluation) take it in turns to share their two highlights of the class alongside the one thing they would like to change or improve on. This is a useful way for us to ensure our byts are fully engaged and truly benefiting from their drama workshops, but also acts as a useful tool for our young people to set and track their own personal goals.

Dr. Jackson goes on to say, “It is equally important for negative incidents or experiences to be validated – however we want children to be able to reflect on their day and identify what they felt happy about or what went well.”

At BYT there are no wrong answers, we explore every avenue and use our creativity to guide us down the many twists, turns and alternative endings a seemingly ‘wrong answer’ may provide. Often this is where some of our most inspired work comes from!

Read The Huffington Post’s full article HERE

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