BYT Lead Facilitator

As a year-round BYT Lead Facilitator, you will manage all aspects of your Bright Young Things class and lead and inspire both the BYT team and our byts towards pre-set term goals and objectives. You will work closely with the BYT Creative Director on overall term planning but have the creative autonomy to develop your own class plans within the framework of the BYT Curriculum.

*Applicants must be willing to lead a minimum of one full term in one location.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborative team planning for each term’s scheme of work
  • Creating a plan for each individual workshop
  • Brief workshop team and delegate roles
  • Lead facilitating each drama workshop to include elements of movement, music, physical theatre, devising, improvisation and text work, especially utilising your own specialist areas and those of the teams
  • Directing annual showcases
  • Organising master classes from industry specialists
  • Carry out administration for each session including registrations, payments and liaising with parents and venue staff
  • Liaising with BYT safeguarding officer on any children protection or health and safety issues
  • Completing weekly feedback forms for BYT office records
  • Attend at least 1 curriculum meeting per term
  • Attend 1 training and development opportunity per term
  • Assisting with the promotion and marketing of new sessions

All workshop team members will receive full Access NI Certificate and extensive in-house training on the BYT Way*

Hours and subsequent pay to be agreed

Own transport essential

Apply using the application form linked below, ensuring to upload both a copy of your CV and a cover later stating why you believe you would be a perfect lead facilitator for BYT, and why you want to join the team. 

  • Minimum 3 years experience working in children or youth drama facilitation within the last 6 years
  • Demonstrable experience of lesson planning and developing unique and engaging drama activities
  • Demonstrable experience of planning, directing and delivering high-quality group performances
  • Demonstrable experience working with children from the age of 3
  • Demonstrable experience of successfully leading a team to achieve common goals.
  • Experience communicating effectively with parents and guardians
  • Experience managing the administrative side of class management



  • A qualification/training in performing arts
  • Educated to A level or equiavalent


  • Third level qualification in a drama related subject
  • Qualifications/training in field of education
  • Training in child development and policies including facilitation, child protection, health and safety, equal opportunities
  • Energy – We never stand still, and we literally do not come out of character or stop in any of our classes, so energy and careful planning of a class flow is essential to maintain our byts energy and engagement
  • Playfulness – Fun, play and the ability to be silly is at the heart of everything we do
  • Curiousity – Always curious, Always using our imaginations, Always asking questions
  • Passion – About acting, about the arts, and about the ‘Power of Drama’ to unlock every child’s fullest potential and build their confidence, communication and creativity for life.
  • Exceptional communication skills – Present issues and ideas to a group in an accessible and engaging way; Communicate appropriately and empathetically with parent/guardians; Effective written, verbal & non verbal communication with all age groups
  • Excellent leadership skills – Proven ability to engage and inspire a group of people from age 3.
  • Collaboration – We want to learn from each other. Everyone at BYT needs to be committed to continuous professional development and always updating our skills and techniques
  • Commitment – Every child, every class, every objective, every interaction matters


Application through the online application form only.

Please state which roles you are applying for. Upload your CV and a cover letter within the application, which tells us why you want to work for Bright Young Things, and what you will bring to the BYT Team.

Application Deadline:                       Ongoing

Recruitment and Selection dates will be confirmed in due course.

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