Benefits Of Bright Young Things Drama Classes

     Develop The 4 Cs – confidence, communication, creativity and critical thinking;
     Encourages confident, fluent and articulate speech;
     Boosts reading and writing abilities;
     Develops presentation skills and use of body language to build presence;
     Develops a questioning mind and confidence to express opinions with clarity;
     Enhances physical skills including coordination, agility and poise;


     Ignites curiosities and inspires a colourful imagination and innovative mind;
     Helps your child make friends easily and interact well with their peers and adults.

What Are Others Saying About Bright Young Things?

“Both my children cannot wait until Tuesday every week to get to BYT. They speak so excitedly about their time with BYT, they now have so much more confidence in interacting with others, socialising in a group. Lisa is such a positive, supportive person, and she and the whole team seem to have such unwavering belief and sheer determination to bring out the very best in every single child at Bright Young Things…” Claire, BYT Holywood

“Bright Young Things was one of the best experiences that has impacted my life so significantly. I use the skills i learned at BYT every day, improvisation in groups or when talking to a tutor, how aware i am of body language, how I consciously can decide about status to ensure i don’t feel intimidated when I meet new people. I loved the master classes with the coolest people from TV, theatre, and radio, and the theatre trips, so many happy memories!” Caoimhe, 20 yrs old

“BYT is very different to many other children’s drama groups for so many reasons. It’s about the journey towards a genuine love of theatre and film, not a “jazz hands” approach to performance. The staff at BYT are what make it so special, and the kids really look up to them.” Emma Tolland, parent of Archie 10, Ruby 7, Maisie 5

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